We are the home for music’s greatest artists‚ innovators and entrepreneurs. Ball Hard Music Group (BHMG) are an aggressively growing music company that is committed to artistry‚ innovation and entrepreneurship. We strive to develop recording artists and songwriters as we produce‚ distribute and promote music to delight and entertain fans around the world.

Our catalog of recordings are comprised diverse and culturally rich collection of music by artist ever assembled. Knowing that music is a powerful force around the world‚ is unique ability to inspire people and bring them together‚ we work with our artists and employees to serve our communities.


Ball Hard Music Group (also known in the United States as BHMG Recordings, LLC. and abbreviated as BHMG) is an American global music corporation BHMG’s global corporate headquarters are located in Monroe Michigan, it is considered one of the “Newly Developed” Music Company’s (Record Labels).

2008 Q. Turnage and Berlon Watson Established the production company of Q.Ball Productions.At the Home location of Monroe MI. After the 3rd year James Wright and Q.Ball Productions develop HardWorkNation, which grew in to promotional label, and movement that Released Mixtapes and Compilations working with Composers, artist globally . After had dealigning’s is with Universal Music Group and gaining some exposure the Production Company was pushed to evolve to an Independent Record label in 2015. The Label Ball hard Music Group was born and Q.Ball Productions was consumed and made the production division of the label. Shortly after the transition of becoming a Label, U-Genius Publishing, 2016 Pandemic Legends Records, 2018 Kingdom Wide Enterprise, and converting 2018 HardWorkNation into Partnering sister label. BHMG is now pressing to develop artist, and label alike working with artist and labels globally.

Global Service

As a Digital Distribution client‚ you will have the opportunity to get your music delivered to the providers below thus giving you new exposure in key and emerging markets and venues. BHMG has partnered with Sync Licensing and Background Music providers to maximize the potential of your music. Sync Licensing is the business of placing music in film‚ TV‚ commercials‚ video games‚ and any form of visual media. These top–tier‚ non–exclusive licensing firms to make your music available for marketing and potential placement. We deliver your music to hundreds of partners worldwide‚ from commercial to niche‚ including outlets for Ringtones‚ Stems‚ Video‚ and Physical Distribution‚ exploit your music’s reach and connect with more fans. We look at distribution with a method getting the maximum exposure for your music possible. Our list of partners reflect not only domestic but vast international coverage.