President: DJ Bravo

Artist: Ducie G, Monae Morae, CuttaMan 100Gran

Pandemic Legends RecordsPandemic Legends records quality workat a professional level. Each artist is selectively picked,groomed, and polished with lyrical therapy.Although PL Records is currently headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the hard work and motivation developed over time starting in Detroit, Michigan.Owner Sean Sandusky is a 1980s hip hop DJ who opened concerts and hyped the crowd for mainstream artists like KRS1, MC Lyte, and Ice T. He was also a ghost DJ for popular radio host Billy T (WGPR) and the Electrifying Mojo (WJLB). After that, he   skill on the road at many after hours and clubs including several popular entertainment venues in Las Vegas,Nevada.

Later, after settling down working as an electrician for a few years, Sean then moved fromDetroit to Charlotte where he met DJ Cat X.This encounter sparked the flame again. Next cameMix Mafia DJs and from there an artist management team, Money with Money, was born with Heede Jones. They did shows all over the Carolinas and were nominated as the fastest growing company at the Queen City Awards.

This all laid the foundation for Pandemic Legends Records to come forth. With multiple projects on the table for 2017, be prepared to stimulate your mind with visual and audio entertainment delivered to you by the acquired artists who are dedicated to themselves and their fan base.


Vice President J.O. Hardworker

Hardworknationis a fully partnered music label withQ.Ball Productionsnowknown as Ball Hard Music Group. Since being foundedin 2013byQ Turnage,Berlon Watson, and JamesWright,ithas beengrowing and gaining popularitywhereverthey plant a seed.We continuallysurprise the public with numerousprojects including, but not limited to,Beast Mode, Killer Instinct, Grade A, The734Project, Envy,Empire, Back 2 Business and many more. Along with pickingup numerousloyal fans,Hardworknationhas acquiredartistsfrom different regionsof the US. First, Machie Reiout of Chicago, Illinois then Dee Jonesfrom thesouthern state ofKentucky and many more affiliate artists throughout the globe.J.O. Hardworker (Artist with BHMG) has a few major credits courtesy of MachieRei and ourpublicist,including a featuretrack with Young Buck of G-Unit“Where You At”and the single“Flex”composed by Hitmann Payne. Both werereleased on all major blogs. In the future, HWN willimpressivelyrelease all genresof music.

President:  2SMOOV


MMR3000 is an independent record label trying to make a name in the industry. We have been in the rap game for over 21 years and are still going strong! We have signed hot new artists such as Macc BHP, and have put each artist in a position to move up the ladder of success. We strive for nothing but greatness and will continue to sign artists and put them into positions where they can rise to greatness and reach their full individual potential.



President: Carlos Green
We are a full-service media group, supporting our diverse roster of talent via artist recording, music producing,  brand development graphics.
Owner/CEO: Branson Edwards / Big Buji